Our Estate, our Philosophy

Meinhard Forstreiter took over the estate from his parents in 2001 with his wife Isabella, thoroughly modernising the operation. He had grown up on the estate and was of course familiar with every detail, every corner of its vineyards: the detailed conditions of the individual microclimates, the vines and their specific characteristics.

Since then, the establishment has grown steadily to the point where they now have a proud fifty-four hectares under cultivation, where they primarily grow and vinify Grüner Veltliner in all its various shapes and sizes – crisp, lively wines as well as supple, almost Burgundian bottlings with a creamy texture. In addition, Forstreiter produces elegant Rieslings, a fine Sauvignon Blanc and the particularly delicious & inviting Gelber Muskateller, accompanied by velvety reds from Zweigelt, Sankt Laurent & Pinot Noir, which are marketed successfully all over the world.

Meinhard Forstreiter’s son Daniel – the fifth generation of the family – is already firmly integrated in the workings of the estate, providing support for his dad in the cellar.

Familie Forstreiter

Isabella and Meinhard Forstreiter with their son Daniel