Our vineyards, including all top locations, are located around Hollenburg, near or directly on the Danube at an altitude of 150 to 350 meters, crowned by the old 17th-century originating Wetterkreuzkirche. The microclimatic conditions seem to be particularly favorable to us and protect us from unpredictable weather – there has not been any frost damage in recent years!

The landscape gives us a variety of soils with loess layers of different heights, weathered soils and the unique “Hollenburger conglomerate” – a particularly calcareous soil, partly made up of alluvial gravel pressed during the Ice Age, which produces fresh, aromatic wines with lots of minerality even in hot years.

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Our most important locations are:

Kremser Kogl

The Riede Kremser Kogl is a terraced location directly adjacent to Hollenburg, facing south-east with a two to ten meter high layer of loess on conglomerate.

Luftbild Riede Kremser Kogl


Schiefer is a name derived from the so-called Schiffberg for one of our oldest vineyards (already mentioned in a document in 1318) with conglomerate and weathered primary rock. From here the Danube boatmen were once warned by means of flags and fire about possible dangers of the then three-armed Danube as well as about ship plunderers.


Tabor is probably one of the most interesting vineyards, because the Grüner Veltliner vines are the oldest in Austria and are ungrafted, i.e. on their own roots, in the ground. Planted on sandy ground near the Danube, they survived the phylloxera catastrophe that wiped everything out in the century before last (from 1872) and are undoubtedly the last of their kind in our country.


On the Neuberg there are small, south-facing terraces with loess over a layer of calcareous weathered rock.

Luftbild Riede Kreuzberg


This vineyard is located in the Traisental directly on the border to the Kremstal. On sandy soil with calcareous conglomerate as subsoil. This exposed location produces robust, crisp and fresh wines.

Hollenburger Kreuzberg

Below the Wetterkreuzkirche lies this old vine plantation. The soil is characterized by soil diversity, weathered rock, loess and conomerate.

grape varieties

grape varieties

Luftbild Riede Kreuzberg