Quality grows in the vineyards! Connected to nature since 1886, we would like to preserve healthy vineyards for future generations. Since 28th of March 2019 we are one of around 80 certified “Sustainable Austria” wineries from Austria.

Ecology, economy and social issues are the central points for the Certification “Sustainable Austria”. This means amongst other things, that we don´t use insecticides. We handle the available quantities of water sensibly, consciously and economically, use machines efficiently and increase biodiversity. Other goals include the promotion of regional traditions, the improvement of the CO2 balance, the reduction of energy consumption, responsible management and fair conditions for employees.

The confirmation about the certification reached us at the end of March when some of our wines had already been bottled and labelled. Because of this, the “Sustainable Austria” label will gradually adorn the back label of our wines.

Why are we certified “Sustainable Austria”?

Today more than ever, consumers demand the transparency of production processes in various areas of life, especially in the area of food production. Compliance with ethical values becomes indispensable in ecological, economic and social terms and a basic prerequisite for economic success.

Handling resources with responsibility has found its way into Austrian viticulture long ago. It is a consequent, next step towards certification as a sustainable wine-growing company.