HollenburgWine Spectator, the world’s leading authority on wine, has announced the

Kremstal DAC 2018 Grüner Veltliner Ried Kremser Kogl has been named the #70 wine in this year’s list of the Top 100 Wines. The full list of the Top 100 Wines can be found online at top100.winespectator.com.

“Wine lovers today have more choice than ever, and this year’s Top 100 selection is a reflection of that diversity,” said Thomas Matthews, Executive Editor, Wine Spectator. “From established winemakers and new discoveries to outstanding values and exciting comebacks, the Top 100 tells many compelling behind-the-bottle stories. We encourage readers to explore the list and find their favorite picks.”

The winning bottles were selected from a pool of more than 15,000 wines reviewed by Wine Spectator editors in the magazine’s blind tastings. Selections are based on four criteria: quality (represented by score), value (reflected by price), availability (based on the number of cases either made or imported into the U.S.) and, most important, a compelling story behind the wine or what Wine Spectator calls the “X-factor.”

Quality grows in the vineyards! Connected to nature since 1886, we would like to preserve healthy vineyards for future generations. Since 28th of March 2019 we are one of around 80 certified “Sustainable Austria” wineries from Austria.

Ecology, economy and social issues are the central points for the Certification “Sustainable Austria”. This means amongst other things, that we don´t use insecticides. We handle the available quantities of water sensibly, consciously and economically, use machines efficiently and increase biodiversity. Other goals include the promotion of regional traditions, the improvement of the CO2 balance, the reduction of energy consumption, responsible management and fair conditions for employees.

The confirmation about the certification reached us at the end of March when some of our wines had already been bottled and labelled. Because of this, the “Sustainable Austria” label will gradually adorn the back label of our wines.

Why are we certified “Sustainable Austria”?

Today more than ever, consumers demand the transparency of production processes in various areas of life, especially in the area of food production. Compliance with ethical values becomes indispensable in ecological, economic and social terms and a basic prerequisite for economic success.

Handling resources with responsibility has found its way into Austrian viticulture long ago. It is a consequent, next step towards certification as a sustainable wine-growing company.

At the 24th Grand International Wine Award MUNDUS VINI 2019 we get great Awards.

In the  MUNDUSVINI spring tasting around 7,200 wines were tasted by a jury of 260 experts from 50 countries. The best wines were rewarded with the medals Grand Gold (37), Gold (1,487) and Silver (1,358).

Our 2017 Ried Schiefer Grüner Veltliner Kremstal DAC won the Great Gold. Best Show Austria Spring Tasting 2019


Furthermore 2018 Ried Kogl Grüner Veltliner Kremstal DAC and  2018 and the 2016 Das weisse Mammut Kremstal Reserve Ried Kreutzberg won Gold. Silver received 2018 Gelber Muskateller and

2017 Ried Tabor Grüner Veltliner Kremstal DAC Reserve. We was very happy and cannot stop the Party.

The “SALON Austria Wine” is the showcase of the local wine industry. 270 selected wines and sparkling wines represent for one year the quality claim of the wine country Austria. They are compiled from more than 7000 entries in covered blind tastings as well as top wines selected directly by specialist journalists and top sommeliers – making SALON the hardest wine competition in Austria.
In 2019, we will be represented in the salon with our 2017 Grüner Veltliner Ried Schiefer Kremstal DAC. In the Category Grüner Veltliner he won the 3th.